A More Fair Mint

Unlike traditional NFT minting, where the art and its rarity is predetermined, Elastic Minting allows users to generate a new combination of layers in real time. This way, the final product is not predefined and offers an element of surprise and uniqueness.

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Our Layers + Your Style

Elastic Minting - a creative twist on the typical NFT mints.

Generate unique layer combinations in real-time, and
YOU decide whether or not the combination becomes an NFT.
You hold the power.

Surprise Me, Rarity!

In the Elastic Minting world, rarity is a real-time event. There is no crystal ball to predict the outcome, and no room for insider games. Just an open, fair system that keeps things interesting until the very end.

Demand-Driven NFT Generation

Through Elastic Minting, the number of minted NFTs aligns with actual market demand rather than a predetermined number set by the creator. This maintains the perceived value of NFTs and prevents oversupply. Dive into a new era of NFT generation with RareDropper.

Minters Contribute Too

With Elastic Minting, you are not just a spectator - you are an active participant in creating and shaping your unique piece of the digital universe.


1Sat Inscriptions

Every Piece of Art You Inscribe Becomes a 1sat Ordinal on the BSV Blockchain.

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